Burda 115 10/2007


Well, hellooooo there! Unlike the model, I decided to wear a bra for my photo shoot. Ya'll can thank me later for that.

Pattern: Burda WOF October 2007, #115, Size 38
Bamboo Jersey knit from Wazoodle in Natural. I used remnant fabric from Vogue 8392. My recent conclusion about bamboo jersey is that it is incredibly soft and easy to work with and a great joy to wear but boy is it a pain in the butt to wash. It seems easy because it can be thrown in the washer and dryer but it ends up looking like a raisin when it comes out. It takes a lot of ironing for it to resemble it's original form. And I am not an ironer, especially for t-shirts. Not my thing at all.


Alterations: None. This was sort of a wearable muslin so I just wanted to see if I would even like it. I really should make the torso an inch longer like I do with the Big 4 patterns so I'll probably be doing that next time I make this. Wait did I say next time? That leads me to the next topic.
Like? I will be making this again. I think I'm going to use up all the remnant jersey I have from other projects and use them on this top. I think it's comfy and quite wearable.

One comment about the fit. Like Assorted Notions mentioned in her review, this shirt is sort of biggish. My bust measurement measures to the 38 size exactly and I think the amount of ease on my shirt really mirrors that of the model in the first picture. So if you are looking for tight, downsize.

Oh, ya, I joined RAVELRY (finally). My sn is loopylulu. Don't be a stranger over there either. =)


christina said...

Looks great on you! I've never sewn with bamboo jersey before but I want to; thanks for the tip about the wrinkling, I did not know that!

Kirsty said...

Looks lovely, I think the loose fit works very nicely.
The bamboo might dry smoother on a line, or even just draped over a radiator? If you give it a good shake when it comes out of the machine (so that the fabric whips against itself) you can hang it out pretty smoothly, and Goodbye ironing!

Mimi said...

I love the top, it's simple and elegant.


Faith! said...

Nice! I like it a lot! It's flattering with clean lines and looks like you could wear it repeatedly- perfect pattern!

Sigrid said...

Lovely top, your version is much nicer than the version on the model/ I'm surprised that it looks much higher on you.

Berry said...

Wow it looks great. I tried to do this model and it was a disaster. In French (yes I buy BWOF in French), the fold explanations are Chinese to me. I guess I'd have to try again.

See you on ravelry ;o)

Bonnie D. said...

Great top! I have this one on my to-do list, also. Thanks for the tip on making it longer.