The fires have been contained and B has finally returned to work. Not that he was complaining, having an unexpected paid week off is pretty close to great, but nonetheless it's reassuring to know that life will be returning to normal. Speaking of normal, here's a picture of something not normal, a close-to-finished-sweater! Stay tuned for a finished object!



I found some great links of things that I enjoy and thought I'd share:

TED Talks: I honestly can not say enough about these series of talks. They have things for every interest, from talks on how the mind works, to how to live a greener life, everything! And some of the speakers are soo great to watch with the best powerpoint slides around!

Life: My boyfriend accuses me of having a crush on Damian Lewis and I don't deny it. I've loved him ever since he played Major Winters in Band of Brothers, which led me to the Forsyte Saga where he plays another deep complex character Soames Forsyte and now I can get my fill of him in Life. He chooses quirky roles and really gives depth to the personalities he plays.


Jill said...

Ooooo, a new sweater! I can't wait to see it. I love that new show too! Damian Lewis/Detective Crews is totally crushable.

francois said...

This is where I admit to having watched the ridiculous Dreamcatcher only for Damian Lewis. Or possibly even only for his hair, which is what I admire most.

Its well worth seeking out the DVD of BBC ShakespeaRe-told if you haven't already seen him in Much Ado About Nothing. Very funny and the other programmes aren't bad either.

Alice said...

My boyfriend also accuses me of a crush on Damian Lewis. I've star-spotted him *twice* around London, very exciting. But then I saw him doing a really really bad inpersonation of Tony Blair on some tv show and I fear its been spoilt.

The finished one looks great by the way! mines a bit short too, but I figured that was sort of the look. I've seen a top-down raglan adaptation which fell slightly differently and could have worked longer I think.