Vogue 8392

Does this remind you of THE Seinfeld Puffy Shirt?


I really hope not. I was strangely attracted to this pattern, View C. I couldn't figure out why as I certainly don't want to show up at work looking like a Flamenco dancer, nevertheless, Joann's was having a Vogue Pattern sale so it jumped, literally I tell you, into my bag and came home with me. After looking at it every night for what must have been a week, I realized what I wanted to make with it: An understated feminine, frilly shirt. I hope I achieved that.

Pattern: Vogue 8392, modified View C.
Fabric: Bamboo Jersey in Natural from Wazoodle. The bamboo was very easy to sew up and washes and dries well but it is definitely not a fabric that likes to have it's seams ripped. Due to fitting errors I had to undo many seams and as a result there are some small holes near the neckline.
Pattern Alterations: Since I used a jersey and the pattern was drafted for non-stretch fabrics I had to make quite a few fitting alterations. I will discuss those later for anyone interested. With respect to design alterations I obviously also made quite a few. First, for me, placing a ruffle at my upper arm is probably the most unflattering location to add the extra bulk. I liked the frilliness of the three ruffles so I decided to keep them all and just move the top two flounces down the sleeve. To do this I extended the sleeve pattern so that it was 9 inches long. I omitted the upper flounce and cut 6 of the lower flounce pattern. I also didn't want so much ruffle-ing going on, as I was going for a more subtle look, so I cut the flounces so that they would only be 2 inches long.
Things to watch for: I think the neck opening might be drafted a bit too wide. It's hard for me to tell because I definitely had that problem but it might have due to the fabric I chose. The pleats, sewn as is, are also very short and do not really look like the front picture. In my version I extended the pleats down by 1.5 inches.
Fabric Alterations: My measurements put me at a size 12, but I cut out the size 10. Reading the measurements on the tissue paper made me want to cut out a size 8 but I wasn't looking for a repeat of Simplicity 4111 so I convinced myself just to go down one size. Still I found that it was way too wide for me so I ended up taking 2 inches off the back and widening each of the pleats by 6/8 of an inch to reduce the neck width. Is this a common problem? Do I need to be making some sort of back adjustment?
Overall: I wore it all today (with jeans, outfit posted below) as I did my weekend wanderings and it held up very well. The bamboo is super soft and comfy and I'll definitely be making something out of it again.



Jen Leheny said...

hi! I've been reading your blog for a little while now and enjoy seeing what you sew. I have this pattern too as I really liked the neckline pleats. I love how you changed the flouncy bits and it is really good to see it made up, so thanks! It looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this pattern as well for some reason but your version is ten times better! I never thought to do it in a jersey. It turned out so beautiful ,simple and sweet.Eithne

patsijean said...

Your top is lovely. I just put the pattern on my wish list. And no, It doesn't even come close the the Puffy Shirt.

christina said...

I've been on the fence about this pattern for a while, but I really like how yours turned out. One day I need to try sewing with bamboo fabric.

lsaspacey said...

I have this pattern too. I really want to make that version but I keep thinking of having to wear it with a jacket and what a pain that might be. Hmmm...

loopylulu said...

Isaspacey-- about wearing this with a jacket, I thought about that when I was altering the sleeve pattern piece and so I made the sleeves just long enough that you can wear this shirt with those 3/4 sleeve type crop jackets and the flounces just peak through. I think it's cute. but, this really only works for me because I do not live in a place where I need big jackets.

badmomgoodmom said...

Wow, that looks so different from my version, but I love yours. I may have to copy your idea and make another!

BTW, I found your post via

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. Just saw this pattern for sale and your version's been instrumental in the decision to buy XD