What I covet from Katie Holmes

No, it's not Tom Cruise, who I believe is all sorts of crazy.

What I covet is her stylist!

Photographic evidence: Before she met Tom Cruise this is what she wore to premieres no less.




Look at what she gets to wear now!
*I think she looks absolutely fabulous!

*Totally great and unexpected. Simple yet unique. This is an example of things I love.At first you think it's going to be a typical sheath type dress and then you see all the draping and the seemingly random pieces that are bias cut and it just looks so atypical. Look at her shoes too!

*Another drapey dress. Boy, can she work the drapey.

And lastly,
*This hot red number. Again, great dress + shoe combo (although I think Reese worked it first). I'm sure this is a very difficult dress for most people to pull off but she looks great. The cape looking thing totally makes the dress.

*Le sigh* So many of these styles work simple because she has a lithe tall frame. Not really adaptable for curvier women but I can dream.


cidell said...

Mmmhmmmm. She looks like a million bucks. I love the bags she's been carrying too.

Chandra said...

Blog lurker coming out...I love the way Katie Holmes looks now! She is sooo chic and fierce.

toya said...

she has totally morphed into a style icon especially with the new hairstyle,,, its amazing.
I saw she had a tie front top just like the bwof 09-2007-101 and I had to make one,,, in black just like hers