Daylight Savings

I love both time shifts. The one in November (it's now after Halloween right?) because of the "free" hour gained (yes, it is a short-lived pleasure) and the shift forward we had today because it means Summer is almost here, it means longer days, more sunshine, and a general uplift in everyone's attitude around here.

Me and the boy celebrated! Oh boy, did we celebrate. We woke up at 7:00AM (just a couple of hours past our usual weekend bedtime), hopped on our road bikes, and joined a crowd of 30+ people to cycle up Nichols Canyon Valley. 50+ miles later I'm T-I-R-E-D! After some, okay who am I kidding, a lot of food, followed by a quick nap, and then a watching of No End in Sight, which is very well done in my opinion, I whipped out the camera so that I could take pictures of my recent FO.

Burda WOF #114 12/2007

Pattern Description: We've given a classic a modern twist by adding a mock wrapover at the waist, while lurex jersey lends festive character.

I cut a 38 in the waist area and a 40 in the hips

Black rayon jersey (not too stretchy) from Metro Textiles (bought way back when I was living in NYC, *le sigh*) and black lining from FabricMart.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, I think it looked like the photo and the drawing. This pattern is one of the instructional patterns for the month, although I didn't follow it step by step the parts I did follow (about the first half) didn't seem to have any errors.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: This project taught me a couple more things about my sewing.
1. Use interfacing that has the same stretch directions as your fabric. The first time I made the waistband I used non-stretch interfacing and when I sewed it to the skirt the whole thing started disintegrating everytime it was pulled and it was a total mess.
2. Invisible zippers really aren't that bad, especially when you have this awesome tutorial to follow.
3. Black skirts (black in general) is tough to photograph.
4. This was also my first time lining a skirt. I think it turned out really well. I developed a love for blindstiching and the whole experience was really positive.

Love it or hate it? Overall I really like it. As you can tell in the photograph, I didn't tie the knot the way it is shown in the magazine picture. I like it loose and drapey so I'll probably just keep it this way. It's comfy and it's different without being crazy.

Extra shots

Burda WOF Picture for reference:

Hope you guys all had a great weekend too!


cidell said...

You know, I generally avoid skirts. But, I've also been drawn to this one. I was worried it might be clingy in the hip area, but you look so slim and stylish that you may have tempted me!

soknitpicky said...

That looks wonderful! And your styling in the photo is great!

christina said...

I like how you styled it with the more drapey tie. Nice skirt!

Reethi said...

Great skirt! I got to admit, didn't see the possibility in this at all - plus, I avoid things that draw attention to my hips - but it looks fantastic on you! (Also, I'm totally in love with your shirt. So in love.)

Berry said...

Wow! The light is great and makes this picture stunning. So is your FO! One minute I wondered if that blouse was also featured in BWOF, like reethi I'm so in love...

Lashell said...

Great job on the skirt. Don't wish that Burda would give you the pattern for the complete outfit instead of just pieces because the blouse is nice too. lololol

nile santos said...

Oi amiga.Vim te visitar.Adorei.bjitos.nile.

madhatter said...

i couldn't wear it, but i love it!
and the shirt is a big winner - did you make that too? it's beautiful!

thanks for stopping by at my blog, i enjoyed browsing yours and it will go right to my reader list... so much inspiration can't be passed by!