Sewing ADD

Who? Me.
What? Needs a professional dress.
When? ~3 weeks
Why? Giving a talk about my work (yipee!)

(this existing dress that I have, sorry for the blue tights, I slipped the dress on over my footwear to take the picture)

Burda 09/2007 #111

Are things really that simple?
Never! Where's the fun in that. What I like most about this dress is the way the bodice part fits over my shoulders. I did a bit of pattern morphing to get the same neckline.

Wish me luck! I think I chose my fashion fabric and I'm going to make the muslin with the modified pattern v.v. soon.


P.S. Thanks to Creative Reveries for giving me the "You Make My Day" award. In lieu of picking 10 of my favorite bloggers (because I have way more than that) I just want to thank everyone out there in the entire craft blogging community for continually inspiring me.


toya said...

this looks great on you, what a beautiful dress

christina said...

That is a great pattern to start with. Good luck!

nancy said...

oooh! that is going to come out great, can't wait to see it.

kristy said...

Hi - you could try Vogue 8280 (the Roland Mouret galaxy dress knock off). It has the rounded bits at the armholes and a cap sleeve (if you leave off the puffy bits) just like your existing dress.

Anyway good luck with your dress, I'm sure it'll look great on you

Berry said...

Wow, that's a great dress and the fit is perfect. Good luck!