Thoughtful Sewing

Thoughtful sewing. That's my New Year's sewing resolution (might as well start now=). I want to make things that I love and I want to put in the time to make those things lovely.

After my recent round of deadlines I sat down to make something, anything at all. I have been wanting more tunic style tops and so I went about finding the pattern and the fabric. Before I would have found the closest thing, cut out the size I _thought_ fit me best, sewed it all up, and then lamented about the ill-fittingness of the design. This time, I practiced some patience. I found an appropriate pattern did flat measurements, pre-treated all my fabric and then cut and sewed. I also wrote down a bunch of notes so that I can develop my sense for sizing. What do you think? Did my patience pay off?


Pattern: A hybrid of Mc Call's 8108 and Butterick 4976. I used Butterick for the sleeves only.
Fabric: Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I used up some of the leftovers from Burda WOF #130. My favorite thing about this fabric is how well it takes to being dried and not folded for more than a month (yes, that's how long it takes me to fold my laundry, how do I say this, I am not a laundry girl)
Mods: A lot. Most importantly I did a flat pattern measurement this time. I allowed for one inch of ease in the chest. The front is pretty much a 12 on top gradually changing to a 16 on the bottom. The back I made almost a size 8 (not sure of the size as I just make the back 2 inches narrower). This seemed really odd to me but I noticed that circumference wise my chest is not split evenly between the back and the front. My back is significantly narrower. I think, these mods worked really well. The bagginess in the back that I used to have is no longer there.
Techniques: I used a video tip from Taunton on how to apply a neckline binding for knits and I think it turned out really well. They recommend that you cut out 1.5 inch strips. I tried that the first go around and it was too narrow for my tastes so what I have on this tunic is about 1.75 inches. I also added side pockets. I also did not set-in my sleeves and instead used a flat method.


Look how beautifully the sides matched up!


belle epoque said...

lovely work! that is one of my resolutions too-- crafting (and most importantly, buying craft supplies) more thoughtfully-- instead of going nuts at Joanns, getting smaller amounts of wonderful, high-quality fabrics etc. that I really love, instead of a ton of stuff that is just ok. you're an inspiration!

Jill said...

That is lovely! The fact that it has pockets really seals the deal. Happy return to blogging!

christina said...

I *really* like this!

dawn said...

Wow, you did a fantastic job. The effort absolutely shows and was definitely worth it! Kudos!