Burda WOF Pattern Review

I'm going to be off on vacation for the next two weeks. Sounds sudden, which it sort of is, but it's great that I have the lifestyle right now to take sudden breaks without worry. I wanted to post a review of the first Burda WOF pattern that I've ever sewed. Since I'm a newbie to this whole sewing thing, I thought I would comment for posterity that this was also the second tank and the first one out of knit fabric that I have ever made.



From Burda WOF May 2007 Issue #130

Material: I used some really nice stripey knit I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics awhile back.
Pattern Sizing: I used the 38 on top and gradually increased to a 40 because my hips are sort of wide
Likey? Ya, I really liked this pattern. It's really easy (only 2 pieces) and I think the lines turned out well. If I could change anything I would make the V-neck not quite so plunging but as is it is still wearable and most likely I'll just wear a strappy tank top underneath it or wear it over a bathing suit. It should get really good wear this summer.
New techniques: Well, using the Burda patterns was a new experience for me. I first copied it onto freezer paper using the little wheel thing-a-majig but I didn't have carbon paper so I only had the little bumps created by the wheel to go by. It sounds painful, but it wasn't so bad. Then I tailor tacked the edging because, well, really just because I wanted to try it.

Cutting the V-neck was a bit stressful because my bf, the mathemetician, kept reminding me that if I don't cut on a perfect 45 degree angle the lines wouldn't match up. Talk about stress. The fabric was also pretty shifty so I just did the best I could. When I tried to sew up the two front panels I could not, for the life of me, get the lines to match up. Once anything shifted it just looked horrible. SOOO I did what any sane person in my situation would do, I hand sewed it together. Everything else was machine sewed.

Oh ya, I also got the idea to play around with the stripes from this article. That gorgeous thing, I really do think I love her.

Anyways, on to the pictures


I swear the top looks better in real life than in these pictures. The lighting was bad and the angle is all wrong.

Happy Sewing. See you in two weeks!


Gorgeous Things said...

Fabulous job!!!!

Faith! said...

This looks great! I love what you did with the stripes- a well-executed pattern.

Nancy said...

that turned out AWESOME! and your review is great too. definitely likey. have a great trip!

soknitpicky said...

Whoa--that is some patience with the hand sewing. Looks like it was worth it, though!

christina said...

I saw this pic over in the Gorgeous Fabrics gallery. I love what you did with the stripes. I think I need this top too!

loopylulu said...

still on vacation. thank you all for the nice comments, i've worn it here already and it's been great. the fabric is very nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful top, annoying though it is, when using the Burda pattern sheets it's worth investing in a sharp spike pattern tracing wheel you can get from industry suppliers rather than the blunt ended ones you normally get in haberdashery stores/departments. It basically comes out as a closely formed series of perforations through all layers rather than an indentation which you can still follow as normal.