"Why do you need another bag?"


Pattern: Self drafted based on a Furla bag that I've had for awhile. The front and back have darts for added body, which I just love, and the sides taper down to also create the illusion of more body. More love going around for that. The other thing that I found so darn amusing about the pattern I drafted was that I did it all without a protractor and used good old pythagorea's theorem to do all the angle calculations. Everything lined up perfectly which made for a very loopy lulu.

Fabric: The canvas fabric and the cotton lining are both from Joann's. The canvas is nice and sturdy and has held up pretty well in the recent weeks of use.

New Techniques:
I found this link for 10-minute welt pockets! 10 minutes!!! I wish my welt pockets had only taken 10-minutes. More like 10 hours. (And that's not really an exaggeration). I used this book for instructions on how to make the double welt pockets. The instructions were clear enough and I think I did a decent job for having it be my first time. I will definitely make sure I cut all the way to the corners next time so that I don't get any of the rounding out business on the corners that you see here.


2. I also bought some quilt batting and decided to quilt the handles. I got the idea from this post by shimandsons. Of course mine don't look nearly as nice as hers but one day.


Overall, this was a fun project. I've been needing a summery bag to lug my wares and this fits the bill. Now that I've worked out all the kinks (apply bias strips first in key areas!!) I'll probably try whipping up another one. I put a lot of love into the sewing and I hope it shows!


nancy said...

beautiful! a girl always needs another bag, especially a lovely, large one like that.

Faith! said...

This bag is awesome! I'm impressed with all the details- it turned out so well!

Stephanie said...

It looks great. I love the handles!