There's no place like home

This last weekend was a dream. We really tried to make the most of it as it was our last relaxing, plan-less, whimsical weekend for the next month or so.

I did do a bit of crafting. My hands were itching for some yarn, so I obliged. I dug up a sketch I made for a lacey/cable-y tank top, tore apart my "organized" yarn stash until three balls of Baruffa Aerobic (extra-fine merino) in pale pink were successfully in my grubby little paws and began knitting away.


This yarn has incredible mileage, I got all that (minus the swatch swab) with just one ball. I love the undulating waves of the rib border in this picture.


Now, I only have three balls of this stuff, so I am praying to the knitting gods that that's enough. I didn't even cut my swatch from the ball I knit it on just in case I might need that extra yardage.

I also spent a lot of time outdoors pretending that I am truly the photographer I so desire to be. The kit lens on my camera really isn't good enough to do the awesome depth of focus shots you see in some of the great pictures so I decided to play with composition and just grand old fun picture taking. ENJOY!






Nancy said...

gorgeous knitting and gorgeous photos!

soknitpicky said...

That top is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it evolves