Current Musings


No time to sew/knit or anything. Hopefully this weekend when family leaves I'll be able to break out the old sewing machine. See, I put it away since I normally sew at our dining room table and I thought it might actually be nice to you know, eat at the table without getting thread stuck between your teeth. So, new FO's will have to wait. This here beaut, I've been thinking of making this for awhile now. I know the cut outs in the sleeves are uber-trendy but I think this dress does the trend without DOING the trend you know. We'll see. I'm going to go through my patterns and maybe even the Simplicity pattern page (since they are on sale starting tomorrow I think at Joann's) and see if I can find something similar. I already have some black jersey and some nice lilac accent to use. Can't. Wait.


soknitpicky said...

Your using the dining table reminds me that when I first learned to sew, while in high school, I used to use my parent's pool table as a cutting table. No one ever played it--it just came with the house :-) Even so, they didn't like me doing that 'cause all those threads and things were very hard to get off of the green felt!

christina said...

Love the cutout sleeves. Very hot. Hope you find a good pattern to use as a starting point.