Question for all you seamstresses

I am trying to understand fit better, and most importantly why the Big 4 patterns don't fit me very well. I have a feeling that I am long-waisted and that I might have a narrow back. Where exactly should I be measuring to determine whether or not this is true?

I think I'm long-waisted mostly because RTW stuff is way too short on me. I also took the measurement on the pattern from the bust-line to the waist-line and it seems to be way smaller than my measurement. Of course, I'm not sure where to measure. Should I be measuring down my front (across the boobs) or taking a side measurement?

I think I have a narrow-back mainly because all the patterns that I try have resulted in soooo much extra fabric between my shoulder blades. I read about the adjustments needed for a narrow-back but it seems that they would result in an overall smaller circumference which then leads me to my next question of which pattern size to use?

Any resources or tips are greatly appreciated!


soknitpicky said...

Have you tried Fit for Real People: Sew Great Clothes Using ANY Pattern?

lsaspacey said...

For the back, you measure from the base of your neck (where that knot is) to your natural waistline. Here's a source that may help you immediately: a guide created by the Big 4 about fitting the body and their patterns.

And in the long run, this book is my favorite, The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. It's fitting section is awesome. It will teach you how to alter one pattern to fit your body perfectly. You can then transfer those alterations to any pattern you use from then on. I have my mom's version from the 80's. The new one should be the same though with a few updates. Good luck!

loopylulu said...

Thanks for the suggestions! My library carries both books and I have requested them so they should both be on their way to me. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

A bra with good uplift/support would make a huge difference in fit both in the front and in the back. Also, I think the shoulder seams are too low, which would make it look like there is extra fabric in the back around the shoulder blades. I hope this is helpful!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry; I intended to say the arm seams do not look properly placed relative to your arms/shoulders.