Guilt becomes me

As I crawled into bed one evening I saw this:


Aaack! The back of my man's favorite pair of PJs. I won't even continue to describe what else my eyes saw. I reassured him that I would definitely make him another pair of pajamas but my own selfish laziness got to me and weeks passed in which he had to make do with the airiest pair of pants known to man. I swear I'm not horrible. I swear. Then, last week, while his parents were visiting he had the audacity to get up, turn around, and show them the holes in his pants. Right then, I pushed the sewing pattern I was cutting aside, grabbed out Simplicity 5329, and cut out a pair of pants for my man.


Much better don't you think?

Pattern: Simplicity 5329
Fabric: Joann's
Cost: I used a 50% off one cut of fabric coupon so 2.5 yards of this stuff was $6!!!!
Thoughts: Very easy. I used french seams and a tiny stitch length. This was a fun project because my soon-to-be-MIL talked with me about her experience in fashion design the entire time. She was trained in both LA and Paris to be a fashion designer before she popped out 5 boys changing her plans.


soknitpicky said...

Fun story! Good pants! :-)

sheep said...

perfect outfit! love the shirt and the red belt.. :)
and your engagement ring is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.