My Superbowl -- The entry where I reveal I am a SYTYCD freak!

Some people have their Superbowl in February. I have mine in August.

Wednesday, it all comes down to Wednesday (and Thursday I guess) when the best series on TV, So You Think You Can Dance, comes to a close. Here I will give my predictions as to the final outcome. I am taking bets=)


Danny: Danny is the most amazing dancer! I really have nothing but good things to say about him. He's beautiful. I don't think he'll win though just because he really is not good at getting the audience love. Probability that he'll win: 10%


Lacey: In the beginning of the show I used to love Lacey. She had the cutest facial expressions, she had that awesome Mia Michael's routine with Kameron (not the one about the father) and come on now, she had that body. But ever since I went to the FOX studios to watch a taping of the show, well, how do I put this nicely? UG! She's very camera-whore-y. Honestly, her dancing when the camera is not directly in her face is just so-so she just really hams it up for the camera. Her solos are horrible in that she does the same thing every time (that feet kicking nonsense). And she hopes that by waving her bum in your face you might vote for her. And really, do we want another Schwimmer winning? Probability that she'll win the grand sh'bang: 30% (only because the viewers who have never been to the studios might still be enraptured by her)


Neil: For the longest time, I felt nothing for Neil. Sure he was cute with his shirt off but his tight shoulders were doing nothing for me. The only thing I was impressed by was how fast he could karate chop his legs through the air. But, whoa has my opinion changed. In the last two weeks he's gone from, "eh, he's alright" in my book to "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEL, NEIL!". Probability that he'll win: 10%


Sabra: I love her. I'm starting to sound repetitive, either that or I have a lot of the love to go around. She has really improved on this show and just about everything she does looks amazing. She is so cute and her attitude (as portrayed in the show) just totally wins me over. I really hope she wins because she is amazing. SHE BETTER WIN!

There you have it, my prediction is Sabra SYTYCD 2007 winner!

Now, I just have to find my sleeping bag so I can get tour tickets!!

P.S. I feel like I'm 16 again!

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