Jumping on the bandwagon!

I'm sure most of you have seen this pattern made up a million times. So without too much hoopla, may I present to you my version of Simplicity 3835, the ubiquitous Built by Wendy pattern.

simplicity 3835

Pattern: Simplicity 3835, View B. I cut a straight size 12. My measurements put me at a 12 on top and a 12/14 for my lower half. I think the 12 fits well though and I think the 14 might have had a little too much ease on the bottom.
Fabric: Joann's, 2 yards, $7 + some extra red cotton that I used for the Anthroplogie top.
Modifications: In regards to my last post I am still trying to understand my body and how to modify these patterns so that they actually fit me. One thing I have determined is that I have a long-ish torso. For most patterns the bust to waist point is 6" and I need to add 1" in order for the length to fit (For reference I am 5'6").
New Techniques: To make the zipper insertion job easier I used water solube tape to tape the zipper in place (no need for basting). It did a wonderful job and I'm going to use this every time I insert one of these zippers!!!
Overall: Good fit. I think I have some back fitting problems but since I cut the smaller size for my lower half, the fit issue is something I can deal with. I like the cut and I think the short hem line will be cute over tights or jeans.

Here is a picture of the back.

simplicity 3835

It's kind of hanging funny but does there look like there are some fitting issues? It looks kind of tight on the booty part but it's not really like that in real life, I must have been standing slightly funny. Is it possible that I might have a sway back? It's hard for me to tell what is really a fitting issue and what is just me wanting things to be tighter. Maybe they are one in the same? And actually, looking at this picture makes me think I need to add more room to the bust. Maybe I can just make the armholes deeper? I think cutting a 14 might be too much room. So many things to figure out. =)

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Stephanie said...

Great job! I love the print you chose. I really want to make this pattern after seeing yours and LulaLouise's.

LauraLo said...

Lovely and it suits you perfectly!
Love the red accent.

christina said...

The red accent is just the right color, very nice.

Alice said...

That fabric is lovely!

Lynn said...

So so so SO cute! You're not the last one on the bandwagon... I've had the pattern for a while now and I still haven't even opened the envelope! The main fabric and the red fabric are perfect together.

ambika said...

So cute! I thought for a minute the leaf of your necklace was a keyhole, and couldn't figure out how you'd worked that with the neckline. D'oh.