Vogue V8379 Wrap Dress

Very Easy Vogue Dress V8379


Pattern: Vogue V8379 (Wrap Dress)

Fabric: Pretty pink basketweave jersey from Gorgeous Things Fabric Store. I bought three yards but I probably could have gotten away with 2.5 yards.

Size: Hmmm, patience is not one of my virtues. I was so impatient to make this dress that when this pattern went on sale at Joann's awhile ago I bought the 16-22 size even though my measurements fall in the 12-14 size. It was actually no big deal though because I used the patterns of the sizes that I did have to figure out just how much extra fabric is added per size and then I just cut off the appropriate amount to make the 12-14 size. This was doable because there really is no tricky shaping on this one.

Modifications: I thought the directions were pretty easy to follow and generally the dress is well drafted. Some thing I did:
1. Since I didn't have the right size I drafted the back too large and because of that I added two darts to the back so that I wouldn't have a saggy droopy back.
2. I obviously decided not to put any sleeves. The pattern and color of this fabric just screams "look at me!!!!" and I really don't want to be looked at that much, so I decided that sleeveless was the way to

1. I added some elastic to the neck line like i saw over here.
2. I added some stay-tape to the armhole area because really who likes armhole sagging? I got the idea from Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing book. She doesn't tell you to put it around the armhole but instead recommends it for the neckline. Since I followed technique number 1. for the neckline I decided to experiment with Sandra's technique around the armhole.
3. I sewed up the pleats instead of just across them. I wasn't sure exactly what the instructions were asking for and I decided that such a stretchy fabric could use the extra support.

Would I make this again? YEP! I totally recommend this. Make this. You won't regret it.


soknitpicky said...

This looks really great! I keep telling myself I need to get back into sewing again. So many projects in the queue, so little time!

Ariane C said...

That is a very cute dress! I like how you used the different designs of the print for the dress and tie.

Nancy said...

it is beautiful! and it looks so great on you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks fantastic on you! and I loove the fabric(and your blog).

christina said...

What a fab dress!

Gorgeous Things said...


Pink of Perfection said...

the sight of you in this dress makes me want to start sewing clothes right this instant!