Hmm how do I say this nicely?

I am most definitely NOT a size 8. I have no idea, no idea whatsoever, what I was thinking when I decided to cut out the size 8. Actually I have some idea but it definitely was NOT a good idea (and therefore shall not be repeated) and I have no idea why I followed through with it. *sigh* I was loving this shirt as it was being sewn too. But, for posterity, I'm still going to give a pattern review for this top. Posterity and the fact that I do have thoughts on the pattern.


HA! This angle is so deceiving, it actually looks like it fits!

Simplicity 41111

Fabric: Cotton from Joann's on sale for $4 a yard. About 2 yards used so my sizing mistake cost me $8! Also, I used some Egyptian cotton for the trim.

Size: Hmmm, shhhhh, size 8

Modifications: I read on some reviews over at PR that the top V-neck was drafted booby grazing low so I measured the pattern, measured myself and concurred that yep, the V-neck as is would have resulted in NSFW material on this website. I'm trying to keep that stuff to a minimum over here at nibbles&bytes so I added 1.5 inches to the V-neck. This resulted in altering both the top pattern piece and the lining. It is quite simple once you put the two original pieces and figure out how they fit together. I also didn't add buttons. I was going to add cute little fabric covered buttons, but alas the top don't fit.

Techniques: I cut the front on a bias so that it would add an interesting dimension to the shirt. This was the first time I tried topstiching and ummm, yaaaaaa, my top stitching could use some major improvement. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Would you make this again? I definitely will try this again but next time I will be making a larger size. This top actually fits okay, circumference wise, around the waist but where the elastic and the circumference of the bust just leaves no room for movement of my arms. I can still wear this shirt, sort of, but it is not the most comfortable thing on. I normally am a 12-14 in these pattern company sizes so I think I'll try the 12 next time=)


Nancy said...

it does look cute on you in the pictures, but it is definitely no good not to be able to raise your arms! it is so sad to spend hours on a piece of clothing and have it turn out wrong!

i've made it and I really want to make a couple more of this top, since when it fits it pretty, comfy and feminine. I think it would be great in a cotton interlock or jersey too! i hope you try again :)

patsijean said...

It is a cute top, but when it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. Consider it a wearable muslin (by someone else) and donate it to charity: there is someone out there who will love it. I've had the same problem more than once. Comes with the territory

Ariane C said...

That top looks good! I love the fabric choice.

soknitpicky said...

Moving the arms is usually an important thing :-) Other than that, I think it actually looks good on you, esp. the back!

Faith! said...

Aw! I like it! If I juggled everything so the elastic was in the "right" place, there'd definitely be at least a little aureole.

lsaspacey said...

There is one thing that might help you. If you are larger than a B-cup you might need to do a full bust adjustment on some patterns so that they fit right. Here's a great document the pattern companies put out that explains it all. http://www.simplicity.com/section/fittips/fitbrochure/fitbroch.pdf
This info is on page 3.

bridgmanpottery said...

I WISH clothing and pattern sizes matched. I'm a 2-4 and I always cut out a 10 (except if the neckline is low) then alter from there. Have cut out an 8 or a 10 ever since I was a 110 lb early teen.