What's a girl to do when she runs out of thread?

Just my luck. I had one little seam left to do on my pretty little Vogue dress and then ya'll would have something to actually read on this blog. Then I ran out of thread. Oh well. So what am I to do when I run out of thread and completely hose my image editing software? I look at pictures online of other people crafting. Since I already stalked you last night, I had to go to my second favorite thing, celebrity stalking. Here is my favorite knocked up star. I love her.

Tune in. I'm going to Joann's tomorrow. Why not today you ask? Because the notion's wall is 50% off tomorrow and the Vogue and McCall patterns are on sale and I'm too cheap to go twice. I also have a couple of other things finished and I'll take pictures this July 4th. So come back and visit, please? =)

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nancy said...

can't wait to see your dress! and i adore Katherine Hegel (sp?) too! even more now that i know she knits. i think i also need that dress she is wearing. happy 4th!