Vay-Cay Pictures!!! and CONTEST!!!

Whew, the title of this post makes me feel like I'm the host of a game show=)

I'm back! A bit jet-lagged but that's to be expected. It's funny how after a vacation I always feel like I need another vacation. If only life were that grand! I actually did knit a bit on the trip, but I'll show you that later. This post is all about the vay-cay (always reminds me of Legally Blond) pictures!








Anyone able to guess where I went???

I'm going to host a contest for all those who put in a guess about where I went. I don't know what the prize will be yet because I'll just tailor it to whoever wins. Really, you should try guessing=) I only have like 2 readers so your chances are pretty darn high. I have some (okay, who's kidding lots and lots) of nice yarn and some great vintage patterns and if those don't suit you, I'm sure I can find something in my statsh of stuff that will. So bottom line? GUESS!!! =)

P.S. If you like the knotted top from the previous post Burda is now offering it for free here.


soknitpicky said...

Okay, I'm gonna guess Sri Lanka. That may be way off--will look forward to your explanation of the pics as they are beautiful! I'm especially fond of the pink plant, even though I have no idea what it is!

may said...

I'd guess somewhere in southeast asia, because of the jackfruit! (yum!) Cambodia/ Vietnam?

winnie said...

Hi. Thanks for the compliment on my Thermal sweater. I guess I visited your blog at the right time for a contest. My guess is Malaysia.

patricia said...

OMG!!! Did you go to the Philippines?! Hip-hip-hooray if yes! :) I would recognize those jeepneys anywhere. I'm a would-be dressmaker (I'm just getting started; as of now I don't know squat about sewing) and reading your blog really gave me a lot of inspiration. Much love from a friendly Filipina! :)