The LEI Lessons

It didn't take me long to figure out something was wrong, seriously wrong! It was sometime in Junior High. I went to Wet Seal and bought my first pair of slim-fit LEI's to wear with my new hot pink scrunchie. I rushed home, tried them on, looked in the mirror, and that's when I noticed it...
Yep, I am seriously asymmetrical. On the left we have a picture of how a normal belly-button jean-button alignment should look. On the right you have me, yep, that's right, my belly button is way over there in no mans land. EEK!

So I thought I had all my "imperfections" figured out until I started working on the Norwegian Stockings. (Yep, I had to copy Eunny's stockings)

I kept looking at Eunny's and Fig and Plums's stockings and something didn't look right. If you look closely each of their stockings has 11 motifs on the leg. Mine only has 9!!!! 9!!! Thats close to 20% less than theirs. Is it possible that my lower leg could be that short? I think so. Does that sound right? Can a 5'6" girl have a lower leg that only measures 12 inches?

Aside from the whole short-than-normal-lower-leg thing, this sure is fun to knit. I've had to frog it quite a few times becaues my tension was so wonky... it still isn't that great but I hope blocking will do the trick.

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