I love to sew, Reason #1: I get to make crazy things

one sleeved shirt
The Dr. Jekyll , Mr. Hyde of shirts. From one side it looks like a tank top, from the other a short-sleeved t-shirt and from the front, it's full on craaaazy.

one sleeved shirt

While making this little ditty, I kept chuckling at how craaaazy and adventurous I was, at how noone in the world has ever thought about making a one-sleeved t-shirt in this manner, EVER. Then, I saw this on TV....


Cher, in The Witches of Eastwick, circa 1987. How mistaken I was.

The shirt is made out of some fabric from the new fabric shop right by house!!!! It's tissue thin and crazy soft and I love it. I'm hoping to go back today to buy more and hopefully they still have it in stock. Crazy.

(Please disregard the crazy* outfit, I was visiting my parents and it was cold which required me to get creative with the apparel.)

*Crazy or craaaaazy was used 5 times in this post. Don't think I'm bonkers, I'm just so excited to be blogging again! Hello sewing world!


Christina said...

I am digging your crazy top. Glad to see you back online!

Berry said...

Hey, hey, long live craaaazy tops and your blogging spirit !