Back to the future, and a little bit of the present.

A glimpse of what I've been working on this past week...



Ah, love. I think the wool and cotton lining work so well together. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to run back to my machine and finish the job.

I've also lined up what I want to work on next. I'm going to try and reproduce this Anna Sui jacket that I found at Net-a-porter in 100% polyester(!!!!) for the sale price of $379 (?!?!?!). It's got the perfect bit of glammed up rock and roll don't you think? I've got the wool, chosen which Nailheads to buy, but I'm still on the search for a pattern. If you've got any suggestions, please throw them my way. Also, I have no experience working with nailheads and I'm hoping to not have to purchase one of these Brisk-Setters, anyone know if setting all these nailheads by hand is actually feasible?



Nancy said...

oh the suspense! whatever that wool/cotton combo is is going to blow me away, I know it.

and i have no experience with nail heads, but I think that jacket will be incredible too.

madhatter said...

a swing cape/swing coat?
anyhow, the color looks gorgeous - I love the deep red wool with the checkered lining!

soknitpicky said...

Love the combo of fabrics you picked out

toy said...

ohh, I love a good tease and I know how to get with when I start on my own jacket!

ambika said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the finished product! Such wonderful colors!

And yeah, I'd have lots of (!?!) marks for anything that's 100% polyester as well.

Lindsay T said...

I love nailheads and set them in by hand all the time. But I have never applied this many. You CAN do it all be hand, but only if you limit yourself to applying a few each day. Your hand will seriously cramp up if you try to apply too many in one sitting. Also, if your fabric is thick adding nailheads by hand is more difficult.

I'd buy the tool for this many nailheads.

paco peralta said...

wow ... never did this kind of work. the pattern of the jacket seems simple, but the embroidery can be a major complication. I will NET A PORTER to investigate this garment .... greetings, Paco