Je t'aime Paris (and London)!

I'm back! We took a quick jaunt to London, then we spent a couple of nights in Poiter, France and then like almost every other sewista, we went to Paris.

Since we were bed hopping and I didn't want to make my B carry too much luggage I decided to pack light. Which means for a 14 night vacation, I packed one, yes one, small roll-bag. The kind you can fit into the overhead compartment of a plane. Amazing right?

Now, I had great plan for my vacation wardrobe. I, the non-list maker even wrote out a list of all the things I was going to make. But, Murphy had his way and the darn sewing machine broke 1.5 weeks before we were scheduled to depart. I took it to the repair shop where they wanted $150 bucks to repair the thing. I thought, I'm an engineer, B's a mathematician, how hard can it be for us to fix a sewing machine. So, I asked for my machine back. I got it home, opened up the side and a screw fell out! Yes a whole screw just fell off!!! I screwed it back, tightened everything up, the belt looked okay, so I oiled my baby and when I tried running the machine it purred like a kitty. By now it was too late to really sew anything difficult (although I did try). So, unlike the sewistas mentioned earlier I only managed to finish two things and they both involved elastic. Yes, very classy.

black skirt

The first garment (shown above) is a black skirt. I used a black linen/rayon blend with a rayon challis underlining for more body. And now for the very difficult directions. The skirt is one big rectangle with a seam in the back. The waist band is two rows of elastic banding. Yes, a couple years of sewing and this is what I made to wear in Paris, the birthplace of haute couture.

Since I brought so little I really relied on layering and accessories (belts/earrings etc.). I couldn't find full length shots of my outfits on the other days I wore the skirt, but it suffices to say that it was worn, a lot.

Expect a couple more Paris/sewing related posts for the next couple of days.
I'm sad to be away from a country I love so much but at the same time so happy to be home (blog inclusive).


toy said...

can't wait to read all about it
welcome back!

soknitpicky said...

Welcome back! I think that your heavy use of layering and accessories *is* very Parisian. :-)

cidell said...

Welcome home!

Christina said...

You have that perfect 'carefree fashion' vibe going on in these pictures. The skirt is perfect - including the easy elastic waist!