Spring Dresses

Simplicity 3503


Modified version of Simplicity 3503, View B

I cut a size 10 and modified from there.

Black & white floral jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics and leftover Black jersey from Metro Textiles that was originally used for this Burda skirt.

Modifications: Take a look at View B (top right picture).


For some reason the proportions of the dress look off to me. I thought the band looked a little too thick and that the top ended too far below the bust line. It was for this reason that I cut a smaller size than normal. I also made the waistband strip a lot narrower (1.5") and I added ties at the waist. I added a bottom solid colored band because I felt that alone the floral was too overpowering. The band has an arched shape which I really love especially from the sideview because it adds a gentle shape.


I added lingerie elastic to the front neckline V and to the back V, which I think caused the dress to sort of bunch in the back as is evidenced below.


It doesn't bother me terribly so I think I'll let it slide (Also this is before I steamed the heck out of the bottom serged portion, so please excuse the nasty wave going on there).

Love it or hate it? I love this dress too! It has sort of a Grecian vibe that I totally love right now.


Picture with a steamed hem!

I'll probably make this again and I think I'm going to make the arch a little more pronounced. Thanks for looking!


Liana said...

Very cute on you, and I like that shaped bottom band too.

Stephanie said...

It looks fantastic. I really like the contrast band you added.

Lori said...

This looks fantastic.

Adrienne said...

BEAUTIFUL! I made this one a couple weeks ago!!!!

christina said...

I love what you did with this - Your modifications were smart and the fabric combination is eye-catching. Great looking dress!

LauraLo said...

I LOVE it!

Berry said...

I'm loving this pattern more and more. I like your fabric combination and the dress looks great despite the little flaws you mentioned.

Villain Extraordinaire said...

Gorgeous! I love that black and white pattern.

Lashell said...

Nice dress. I love the pattern of the fabric

annaminiac said...

Love the pockets and I agree with you that the black band at the bottom helps balance the print.

Maja said...

Beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I have made this dress twice :)

Beth said...

Your dress is really cute1 I remember looking at the pattern at the store and not seeing any possibilities from it but you did a great job. Your modifications are just what it needed.

Gorgeous Things said...

Über fabulous!!!

Eric said...

I have always been a bit envious of people who can sew, and are obviously very good at it. Maybe it's time I learn to make my own dresses. My husband would certainly appreciate that!