Finishing off 2007

I've been a bad girl, I've been hoarding FOs (finished in Nov 2007). No, no, I'm not trying to appear more prolific than I really am. I have an excuse! Good ones too! At first it was because I was unhappy with it and then it became an issue that by the time I woke up there were only like 2 hours of reasonable sun light left to take the pictures. After my obligatory one hour of getting ready/reading news/eating/blog surfing it just never happened.

drops sweater
Pattern: Drops 103-1, I was inspired by great ones found here, and here.
Materials: Cascade 220 in Cordovan (4 skeins, size is medium). Buttons were from Joanns.
Needles: Size 7 circular
Modifications: I made it 1.5" longer but I still think it's a wee bit short.

drops sweater

drops sweater

Likey? Uh, I'm just not sure that the length of this jacket is very attractive on my body. When I wear it with a shorter tank or shirt (read, non-tunic) it just looks weird. Good thing I have lots of tunics, but still. So, I contemplated undoing the cast on and making it longer but then I decided to just "make it work" (aka laziness). Now that I've worn it a couple of times it's grown on me. But still, I'll never wear it buttoned up, it makes me look wider than I'd like to look.

Now onto 2008!!!

* Second picture captures the color of the yarn the best.


Berry said...

Great wool's colour choice. It looks awesome!

Beth said...

The sweater looks really great! I like the length too. I have a lot of clothes that can really only be worn with certain other styles. It might be a little limiting but I think it's ok.