Burda WOF 01/08 #122

My new year's sewing resolution was to be more mindful of my sewing. So I decided to try thread tracing (again). I used a bunch of great tutorials found at Couture et Tricot. And, boy, am I tired. Not that they count for much but I give anyone who thread traces major major props. It felt so time consuming but I think it was the effort that I put into doing it that makes me so happy with the end result.


Pattern: Burda WOF Jan. 2008 #122. Size 38.
Fabric: 100% Cotton from Joanns (on the 50% section). 2 yards. $3/yd. Total Cost: $6
Mods: My torso is long. I had to add some length to this shirt for it to feel comfortable on me. I added 4 inches to the bottom center and 2 inches to the bottom sides. Fits well with the mods.
Likey? Very much so. This was my first time making buttonholes. My machine has a 4-step buttonhole maker and after practicing a few times on scrap fabric I think it turned out pretty well. The pattern is sort of busy and makes it harder to see the pleats but it's still very wearable. I think the interfacing I chose for the bands was too thick so I'll probably pick some up this week at Joanns during their 50% off sale.


(sleeve cuff)

(action shot!)


Berry said...

This 122 looks great on you. Now that I'm sure the pattern is safe, I'm gonna start mine ;o)

toya said...

this looks great,, i really love how it came out

Lashell said...

Nice top. Very well done. Tany's tips are the greatest.

christina said...

Nice! Looks so easy breezy.

nancy said...

so pretty! nice job with the buttonholes too-- those little guys kill me.

cidell said...

Oooh. Ok. I want to make this from a print also. I like it. I like it a lot!