Lately, I've been operating in high stress mode as I'm preparing for my preliminary exams next week. If you don't know what a graduate level preliminary exam is, be glad, be very very glad! It's uber-stressful, uber-not-craft-inducing and an uber-time-drain (hence not craft inducing). Since I have nothing to show in the way of craftiness unless you consider massive amounts of online shopping to be synonymous with "crafting", I snapped some quick pictures of my outfit today. Before you click away and cruise on over to the "www.boredwiththeprevioussite.com" website, I promise there is some craftiness included. I am wearing my Kiri shawl today. I don't think I ever posted about it, so it's perfect!


Kiri Shawl by All Tangled Up
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk in the Cinnabar colourway
Quantity: 2 ounces

I made this shawl quite small. I'm not what you'd call a shawl person, so I didn't want anything overwhelming. Basically, I was going for something cute and small enough that I could just throw into my bag as an "in-case" kind of shawl. I think I did 13 repeats of the pattern. The pattern is very easy to memorize and being that this was my first lace knit, I think the pattern is very suitable for beginners.

After about 6 months of use I can judge the quality of this yarn. The verdict? I love it. I love the sheen of the color and it really has withstood all my abuse (see throwing it into bags comment). Also, it keeps my shoulders warm in the over air-conditioned room that is my work space.



Sorry for the bad picture quality, we have "daylight" lightbulbs in our bathroom but I guess they really don't compare to the real thing huh? I'll be back with better quality crafty goodness and pictures next week.


Nancy said...

good luck on your exams! and that shawl is GORGEOUS. i'm not a great knitter, but I have some pretty pink mohair that I might have to try out on that pattern. i love the wine/raspberry color of it too...

Faith! said...

I get the "I MUST knit this" feeling only rarely these days on the knitblogs, but this is too good to not attempt- I'm so impressed! This is beautiful!

soknitpicky said...

Uber-lovely shawl! I am so enamored with the leaf motif and your work looks just great! Good luck on exams!