Tuesday's Crushes

1. Stand Still, Look Pretty, that is if you like bands like the Dixie Chicks.

2. Kokopuff's Style Diary. Her outfits are a very laid-back, New York kind of cool. Not the Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen kind of laid back and not the Misshapes kind of cool. Just perfectly accessorized outfits in avant-garde shapes.

3. Web Sudoku, EVIL version! I know the Sudoku craze ended awhile back but I still love the game. It's the perfect way for me to relax when I'm stressed with my work.

4. Cute Overload, March 26, 2007 entry!

5. My French Press! How _did_ I ever drink coffee without it? I have one of those electric water heaters which cuts down my coffee making time into about 5 minutes. 1 minute to get and grind the beans and 4 minutes for the blooming. Instant satisfaction!

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