Simple! Simplicity!

I think I have a problem. I've only ever sewn about two things in my life, a skirt (and this was many many many years ago when I was in Junior High) and an apron that well, is just that, an apron. That's not the problem part though, the problem part comes in in that I have amassed and keep buying more and more fabrics. Lately, I've been tempted by all the lovely Bamboo Jersey, I mean who does NOT want bamboo jersey. What a great idea to make jersey out of bamboo! I've always admired bamboo as one of the most resilient plants (these plants can live without any tender love and care whatsover) yet, bamboo is so good at everything it tries to be. I guess a quality I wish I could transform to my own life. I've seen them used as yarn, stabilizers for houses, decorations, sculpture mediums, that I just HAVE to try it in jersey form. I think I've convinced myself that I've been good enough (I just did the dishes, yay!) to deserve 4 yards of the lovelies in natural, and green.

On to more crafting goodness. I have been trying to reduce the stash of the fabric I've amassed and am working on a top that, at least from the pictures is too cute. Whether it will really turn out that way when I am done with it is another story but at least I'm going to try:

I am taking the top half of Simplicity 4020 (View D)


combining it with the bottom half of Simplicity 3838

to make a top I saw at Anthropologie.

I am using a lovely blue floral fabric for the main fabric and a red cotton trim for the base. Both of the fabrics were cheap, so it will be my muslin, which if it turns out well will also conveniently be my real kimono top.

I'll show pictures of the finished thing (ha, more likely work in progress) next time!

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harmonyknits said...

ahhh i was just on ur site the other day i LOVE your pink top, if u were to ever post a pattern id be ALL up on it. i honestly dont think the worsted shine would be a great idea. the shine sport felt a bit heavy already, the only thing saving it is that its fairly tight on the recipient so i dont think it will sag. the shine sport would take about $10 tho so if u want to, its def a GREAT yarn to use.