I wish I were a redhead!

Sad. I think I learned a couple of things today. 1. Grass green does not necessarily look good on yellow-tinted asian girls and 2. I don't like knitted short sleeve sweaters. I know it might be too early to judge since I haven't finished seaming and the neckband has not been knitted on, but, you know when you just KNOW that you aren't going to like it. I did alter the pattern so that the piece is more fitted which I like and the length is good too but the sleeves!!!! ERG!! A couple of fixes I can think of: 1. rip out sleeves and turn into cap sleeves or 2. make it into a long sleeve sweater. Problem is I don't have any more yarn and I really don't feel like buying a couple more balls.... dilemna....

Onto happier things. Here are a couple of pictures of Lady Eleanor in action. I went snowboaring at Okemo a couple of weeks ago and Lady E. was exposed to the cold cold conditions that is Vermont.

On the left we have a bunch of us gorging ourselves on the yummiest food made by a friend who also happens to have been a chef at Aquavit. My mouth waters thinking of the yummy food! We had a butternut squash with bacon bits on a bed of lettuce with egg cream sauce on top as an appetizer. Mushroom soup (which sounds blah but was AMAZING). And beef stroganoff which was probably the best i've ever had. Moving on from the food aside.... On the right is Lady E. being worn by a gentlemen friend as a scottish tartan sash.

That's all. Stay tuned for the adventures of the Kors top.


meowgirl said...

i think your Michael Kors Aran looks great. too bad you don't like the color. :(

thanks for coming by and commenting on my norwegian stockings. as for the tension, i tried all sorts of yarnhand configurations before i found one that worked for me (will post a photo of what i settled on). also, i pick the MC over the CC and still have to keep a close eye on the CC.

Flyingkc said...

I have seen your face! I know who you are! DOOM DOOM DOom Doom doom! IT the doome song :)