i'm leaving on a bubble plane

him: "you think it's a 747?"
me: "is that the bubble plane?"
him: silence...."i didn't think anyone over the age of 6 still called it a bubble plane"

Well, that's me the _way_under-educated 23 year old. I am leaving on a plane, albeit not a bubble plane, this weekend for a conference in portland and a stop-over in LA to visit 'him'=)

Since I have the life altering decision of what knits to bring with me on my one and a half week sojourn I thought I'd show you all nice readers what I have in my knitting bag.

First contestant:Yep the boobyholder. I'm not sure what to do with this, I just don't know if my boobs really need a scratchy holder. Since I have one more skein of the peace fleece left I may try extending this and turning it into a mini-cardi type thing.

Next up we have:

Maybe I should join Lolly's socktober fest so that I actually finish these. The problem with them is that my heel is super wonky so I wanted to rip it out and restart and as always ripping out = no fun knitting.

Third is the good old VK tennis sweater:

I don't know about this either. I like how the colors look together I'm just not sure I'll actually wear it. I do have the entire front back and one sleeve done... what do you think? frog or not to frog?

Now on to christmas presents, contestant 4:
This hat is supposed to be modelled after the Jayne Cobb hat with ear flaps and all but obviously you can tell I started the striping way too late and it's ill-fitting. Must riiiiiiiiipppp and redo the whole thing. good thing its like 2 stitches per inch=) I love me my fast knits.

Then I have my "talk-to-the-boyfriend-on-the-phone-and-knit" knit, contestant 5:

You can't see it at all but it's supposed to be the DNA scarf. I have about 3 more double helix repeats to go but in the meantime I let kitty use it as a bed=)

And last but not least no WIP showing would be complete without a definite froggggggg
This was supposed to be Leila but just like the boobyholder, I just wasn't sure I wanted a tube top made out of wool, scratching my babies. Maybe I should have chosen another yarn. Anyways, so I cast the sucker to the side and look at what it did to itsef. This is in serious need of some ripping and detangling. EEk!!

So there you have it the round up of the contestants. The lucky one (or two or three or 5) will be chosen Sunday morning!

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