Reception Dress

Remember a long time ago, when I mentioned I wanted this Morgane Le Fay dress, well I didn't get it...I got something better. I made my very own mullet dress! Yes, I was doing the mullet way before Ms. Palermo. And guess what? The only full length photo I can find to show you is this one, notice how my strap is falling off. I tell you, first world problems.


This dress was really probably too advanced for me. I self drafted the bodice and skirt. The fabric was all purchased from Mood Fabrics of PR fame. I went with my now husband and we stood in the store looking at fabrics for literally hours. I finally decided I wanted a red dress (white doesn't really look very good on me) and that I wanted to make my very own poofy dress out of only silks. So I came home armed with yards of silk chiffon, charmeuse, china silk, and organza.


Somehow, through some incredible sewing magic, the chiffon and charmeuse became a bodice. The charmeuse and china silk paired up and made an under skirt. And the organza and chiffon married to make a poof ball.


I remade the bodice three times but nothing I did could get rid of that slight pulling at the area where the straps meet the bodice. I also struggled with the fact that I had to wash my sweaty sweaty hands, which only get sweatier while sewing, every 10 minutes to prevent them from staining the chiffon. Ask me how I know that I needed to do this. Suffice to say, bodice #1 fell to the sweat stains.

Pulling aside, I loved this dress. It was so comfortable and fun. I gave a speech in it:


We biked around the driveway:


We danced the night away:


And most importantly, it was comfortable enough for me to flutter around and chat with every single guest at the party.

Through whatever color-tinted glasses I may be wearing, this dress was perfect for the occasion and every time I look at it, it reminds me of that incredible day that I spent surrounded by so many supportive friends and family.


shams said...

Gorgeousness! I love how you styled it.

Gail said...

I'll just echo shams's comment. The detachable skirt is a winner.

Christina said...

I LOOOOOVE your dress! It's gorgeous! I am so impressed you drafted it yourself, the skirt is so pretty. Wow! I'm glad you got around to sharing this. And that shade of red looks great on you.

Michelle said...

WOW! Consider me amazed! This dress looks better than the inspiration!

Carolyn said...

Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!! The attached skirt is an amazing idea... Glorious colour too!

JoanneM said...

Any tips for how to drat this skirt pattern ?
Thank you

MissP said...

Wow, lovely version. One thing I love about sewing is being able to wear almost anything you visualise as you can make it. Looked like you had a good day too.


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