Unintentional Knockoff

Pardon my asian glow I partook in the imbibing of uh, hmm, a *little* alcohol before I got around to taking this picture.

In one night of sheer project-runway-i-got-nothing-to-wear-to-the-wedding-make-it-work adrenaline, I made this little number.


And I loved it. I really liked that I finally used up this pretty goldenrod silk twill that had been sitting in my stash since forever. I liked the black velvet belt. I liked the exposed zipper (sorry, no good shot of it). I liked how everyone complimented me on my dress. And, then, someone asked me if it was Lanvin for H&M.


When I got back to the hotel room, I googled the dress and suddenly I got very critical of my dress. All I could think of was how awesome the Lanvin for H&M dress looked. In contrast my ruffle looks way too small. Suddenly, I could see the twisting in my bodice that really could have benefited from the use of boning. I began to wish that I had chosen my proportions differently. Basically, it became one big sewing pity party.

Now, a few weeks later. I've mellowed out. I can still see all the things that need improvement and will definitely incorporate these things into my bag of tricks next time around. At the same time, I am warming up to the initial feelings I had about the dress. Has this over critical analysis of your sewing ever happened to you?

Dress details...
Pattern: Started w/ Burda Easy 2011 One-shoulder dress, made it more fitted and added the flounce.
Fabric: 2 yards of silk twill. Two yards of tan lining fabric from Fabric Mart.
Cost: $7/yard for silk. $0/yard for lining (free bundle). $1.70 for zipper. ~$16
Sewing: One shoulder dresses could use some boning for support. The back waist on the dress needs to be taken up an inch or so.


Gail said...

Don't sweat too much about making comparisons. Your dress looked great and is really 'on trend' with the cage booties. I find the size of the ruffles in the Lavin version a little overwhelming on anyone with a bust (look closely and you'll see that the model doesn't).

Dana said...

I like your version much better - it shows some individualism!

Rachel said...

Honestly, I like your dress bettern than the Lanvin. The Lanvin ruffle is a bit exaggerated and yours is just perfect.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am glad to hear the magic closet is mellowing you out. I think your dress looks great! You wouldn't want to exactly copy the Lanvin, this one is all yours!

Christina said...

I love how your dress turned out! The ruffle was a great addition. Lanvin Schmanvin :)

Carolyn said...

Your dress is wonderful, and I'm sure the Lanvin comment was meant for a compliment! I'm always enormously chuffed if somebody takes something I've made as shop-bought, and feel mildly like a failure if someone picks that I made it... but like you, I come to appreciate my own creations more with time.
Your ruffle is perfectly proportioned imo, and I love the colour you have chosen too, so warm and flattering.