Portrait Photography

This weekend, I finally made it out to the LACMA to see the exhibit of Vanity Fair Portraits. I've always been drawn to portrait photography and it was great to see some of the best portrait works done by the masters of past and present. The bulk of the exhibit is divided into pre-1960's (or so) and modern day portraits. The most striking difference between the two eras is that the pre-1960's pieces showed very little nudity whereas the bulk of the modern day collection is saturated with stars in the nude. While I have nothing against a little skin, I think that self expression is just as possible with clothes on. That being said, these were the three most striking pictures for me.


Apparently, this shot was taken on a whim. The photographer Edward Steichen had taken a bunch of photos, none of which he liked. Finally, he told Greta Garbo that her haircut was horrible. She reacted by pushing all her hair back, he took the picture, and voila, portrait photography history was made.


Ag, she looks SOOO happy. The poofiness of the dress and hair, her boots, her body position, all just work so well together.


Another, great shot of a great lady.


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I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.