This happens to you too right?

Have you ever desperately wanted, no needed, to sew a certain pattern that you KNOW you have but you just can't find anywhere? I tore my limited living space upside down, inside out, and flipped over every piece of large furniture and I can't find my copy of Vogue 8280 (Roland Mouret knockoff) !!!!!! (I'm pretty sure I bought it, I think, ah, where's my mind?) Now I have to wait for Joann's to put Vogue patterns on sale, *sigh*.

Moving on to happier things, anyone want this book?

This book is about 1970's Paris and the couturiers that made that period come to life, namely Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent. I found the book to be well researched and was great in exposing a period and environment that very few of us got to live through. If you would like the book (shipping courtesy of me), leave a comment, any comment and if more than one of you wants it by the end of this week, I'll pull a name.

Wish me luck on my continued search for the pattern. Maybe it's in the oven?


lsaspacey said...

I just wrote some posts about losing my favorite dress in my one-bedroom apartment. After looking everywhere logical I found it in a pile of clothing I was either taking to Goodwill or throwing away.

Give yourself a few days and then start looking again in your apartment, section by section. Don't skip anywhere just because it wouldn't make sense. I'm sure you'll find it!

patsijean said...

Sorry you can't find your pattern--have you looked in the bathroom? I often read patterns in there; I'm not kidding.

Lindsay T said...

I lose more things since I started sewing, but I tell myself it's because there's so much stuff to keep track of. I agree, it's probably underneath something.

curlyjenny said...

Crikey, i hope you find it, I'm forever loosing knitting patterns in the same way and it drives me up the wall! What also bugs me is seeing a pattern i want to make and knowing that its not available in the uk - grr
Good luck-

Summerset said...

Been there. I actually misplaced a copy of BWOF one time and about went nuts. Keep looking, it will turn up when you least expect it.

this chickadee said...

ooh, i just saw this book at a friend's house and would love to read it. speaking of, i love reading your blog and seeing what you create. very inspirational.

paco peralta said...

ohhh ... the book seems wonderful. I'm obsessed with books, I think that one day I will have to leave my house and leave room for them. I always turns on the markets and recently found a book on buttons really incredible. Best wishes, Paco

Dana said...

Yea, these things usually turn up at my house...right after I've bought a replacement!

Looks like a great book!

I've both tagged you and nominated you for a blog award. Love your garment sewing! Check out my blog for the rules.

Gwen said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I'm happy too, to discover your blog! I've just subscribed in bloglines... :)

My first post about sewing lessons with Ana and Juana was on May 5th and is titled Project Sunday: Usted Habla Espanol?

Here is the url

After that, I tried to keep up with our activities once a week - usually either with a weekend post or a Monday Morning Quarterback post.

I'm sorry it's not better organized - I need to learn how to use tags or something...

It certainly has been a wonderful adventure!

Thanks again!
Take care, Gwen