first knit ever

Hi! Everyone out there in blogging land has been such an inspiration that I just had to be a copycat and make my very own blog! Can we all say whee!!!!=) so my first knit top ever was the tivoli by grumperina. isn't she lovely?

Pattern: Tivoli by grumperina
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Mint, 1.731423 balls
Needles: Size 7 (?)
Like it? Love it.

So I decided to post with the book because the inspiration came after working this summer at my internship. I would drive by the IBM tivoli building every single day, 4 times a day, and then when I saw the tivoli top all over blogland, I just knew it had to be my summer top. Of course I couldn't wear it all summer and it's all due to the fault of Mr. Gauge....

Look at what I had to remove from each side in order to get the thing to fit... yep that is 20 stitches that you are looking at over there.

But I think it is lovely now. Thanks for making such a great pattern, I just loved it when the sleeves came out of the round!

p.s. Yes, i do stand like that while i read. Don't you?

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