Back to the new me

Remember me? Saying "It's been a long time!" is quite an understatement. But that's not going to stop me because boy has it been a long time!

I'm not sure the me of 2.5 years past resembles the new me. Is it okay to resume blogging in old me's place? I hope so. I'll also apologize for old me. She really didn't mean to disappear. After graduation I moved to Dallas to start a new job and a new long distance relationship with my husband. Anyone out there doing or have done an LDR? It's no joke. Sure enough, once things got settled, I moved back to LA and back to a normal distance relationship (NDR?) where I made these adorable shoes from Homemade Toast,


to fit the adorable little feet of my brand spanking new baby boy!

Yes, like every other blogger out there, I had a baby. I love him. I love him so much that I wasn't even mad that he basically grew out of the shoes the second before I put them on.

With all the new changes that a baby induces, he has reignited my love of documentation and community. I have been sewing up a storm the past couple of years and I hope to share them with y'all but really I just want to have a place to share my creations again. Stay posted... I promise I'll be back before it's 2016!

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