Butterick 5130

*Wave, wave, wave (while smiling sheepishly)*

In an effort to break my blogging hiatus, I am going to post some pretty NSFW pictures of myself. Beware, it was COLD and windy when I took these pictures, yeah, if you are shy, go straight to the second picture.

Butterick 5130



Fabric used was a rayon/poly combination purchased from Fabric.com many moons ago. I cut a size 10. Regarding modifications, I pretty much blindly followed all of Sew Very Prairie's suggestions in this post because both her dresses turned out so freaking cute. These changes include, adding a waist seam/elastic casing and increasing the distance to the under bust seam by 5/8". The other tiny change I made was to shorten the elastic piece that runs across my upper back by 1.5". (I wonder if my upper back is much narrower than my front width?) Is that even possible?

I know I've been an absent blogger. The last few months have been filled with too much excitement, good and bad. But focusing just on the good, I did something I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to do. Seven months of diligent training and a ridiculous set of tan lines later (look at how much lighter my inner elbows are compared to the rest of my arm), I finished my first marathon! Hopefully the free up in time will translate to better blog maintenance.